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Alert: Project Grand Slam is moved indoors to the Playhouse at 7p

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2018 Schedule Online under Events

Notice below is for outdoor concerts only 

Folks, parking has become a big concern so please adhere to following:
Passengers & Coolers may be dropped off at the CVS entrance to Ballard Park. From there, please follow the directions on the signs and of the parking enforcement personnel to locate parking. Please be considerate and do not park in front of open restaurants anywhere in town unless you are also eating there.

Help bring FREE concerts to Everyone!

It is now possible to donate to CHIRP online.  Help us make our seventeenth (17) anniversary season the best yet…

We are still in need your donations.  So please, send your checks. For the many of you who live in surrounding towns and enjoy CHIRP we now have the capacity to accept online donations. Please click on link above.  Please help us provide free music in the park for all who wish to come and enjoy and remember, when it rains we are most often at The Ridgefield Playhouse. You can’t find a better indoor venue. For those who prefer, checks can also be sent to CHIRP, Town Hall, 400 Main St., Ridgefield, CT. 06877.

CHIRP Concerts are Tuesdays from Memorial Day through Labor Day and Thursday June 21 – Thurs.Aug 30

CHIRP is a series of free Tuesday and Thursday night summer concerts in Ballard Park located in the heart of Ridgefield. It also sponsors the U.S. Military Band concerts held several times a year at the H.S. auditorium.  CHIRP is totally funded by individual and foundation donations as well as contributions from local businesses. It is co-sponsored by the town of Ridgefield through its Parks & Rec. Dep’t.  and The Ridgefield Press. Concerts begin at 7p.m. Please understand that we love dogs BUT they are not permitted in Ballard Park.

CHIRP’s mission is to present to its audience music and professional musicians who would not normally otherwise have a venue in the Ridgefield/Danbury area.  It’s main goals are to build community through shared experience as well as to enhance Ridgefield’s reputation as a “Destination”

Please either Click above or Send your Contribution to CHIRP to make our entire season possible: Town Hall, 400 Main St. Ridgefield, CT 06877

The Acoustic Celebration: To hear wonderful, affordable music (no ticket more than $25) in an intimate setting during the other seasons of the year, check out the non-profit singer/songwriter series, www.acousticcelebration.org.

30 thoughts on “home page”

  1. Capt. Ron said:

    Thanks in advance for the upcoming season. I’m sure many are anticipating another wonderful concert series; when might we see the 2018 schedule?

  2. Jamieson said:

    Can extremely well behaved dogs attend?

    • mannersb said:

      I do not enforce the park regulations and have never seen police do so, but there are a no. of people who got very upset last week at no. of dogs there and complained to pol.dept. that they should. so don’t know

  3. David S. said:

    Barbara, Did you get to see the 25th Aniversary Communty Coffeehouse at Walnut Hill Church?
    If you did, you would get the artists for Chirp.

  4. Caroline O'Brien said:

    If you move inside, WHERE?

  5. Pete Whallon said:

    The above schedule shows Jimmy LaFave as appearing at CHIRP on 6/2 while his personal website shows him being here on 6/28. Which is correct?

  6. Mike Reilly said:

    Just saw Alexis Suter at Daryl’s House in Pawling. She is great! Please bring her back to Chirp this summer. Thanks.

    • mannersb said:

      Sorry Mike, this summer booked but I’ll try to bring her back in 2017. She has been here three or four times already in years past.

  7. Christine said:

    Could run the list of comments from newest to oldest thus most recent at the top

  8. Does rain cancel the event?

  9. Hi ! So though it is a free ticketed event, do I have to get tickets to get in ?

  10. Who plays on August 22nd? Does Matt Anderson?

    • sorry, Matt Andersen performed on Aug 13. We have no concert on the 22nd but tonight the 18th is The Revelers and Thursday we have a group called Humming House.

  11. Good morning,
    As a frequent visitor to the website & the concerts, is there any way to remove the confused posts (above) about Roosevelt Dime, etc. from 2 years ago?
    A supporter.

    • mannersb said:

      If you have refreshed the website, you should now have the schedule for 2015 events and Roosevelt Dime should only be there under CHIRP 2014. hope this helps.

  12. Alex G. said:

    Humming House, August 20. When do tix go on sale?

    • mannersb said:

      No tickets for any concert. All concerts are free but we do pass the bucket in the park and ask that you contribute what you can to help us keep this series alive

  13. Robert Cherney said:

    Are the concerts just for residents of Ridgefield?

    • mannersb said:

      Concerts are open to everyone.

      • Robert Cherney said:

        I could have sworn the other day your website posted that the concert was at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Are you saying that if the concert is moved indoors that it will be at the 195 Danbury Road Parks and Rec facility? On google maps it shows a senior center there.

  14. Jo Ann Hickey said:

    I thought Roosevelt Dime was playing tonight?

    • mannersb said:

      you need to click on the right side of your mouse to refresh your page and get 2013 events.
      Roosevelt Dime was 2012.

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